100% flow

Our patent pending stainless spring clip design allows for the gutter-clear hdpe mesh (uv protected and flame retardant) to be fitted to most types of guttering and allows for variations in the tile position in relation to the gutter. 
The mesh can be fitted above the tile, between the tile and the roofing felt or curved into the gutter (in cases where an eaves tray is fitted-(see diagrams below). the spring clip fits to the mesh and then clips securely to the gutter and can be spaced at approx 375mm apart.(14 clips included). mesh can be easily cut to required length and overlaped at corners or where one legnth joins another.

The HDPE mesh is flexible to allow for variations in each application yet rigid enough to support itself across the width of the gutter.


Gutters that are blocked with leaves have a reduced flow rate and can therefore overflow causing significant and costly building damage.
we have tested various gutter protection products with a leading gutter manufacturer and found that any material which is placed into the gutter will significantly reduce the flow rate and have the same effect as a gutter blocked with leaves. 
some products on the market (including gutter foam strips and gutter brush) do exactly that;they reduce the flow rate which defeats their purpose.

There will be no or very little reduction in flow rate with the gutter clear product.